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What My Owners Are Saying

Kendall is extremely responsive and attuned to my concerns as an owner.

Kendall Hanson is extremely reliable and her outstanding customer service skills is exemplary. We are lucky to have her working for us over the years and she made us successful. We would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Thank-you Kendall !!! 5/3/2015 9:15 PM

Kendall is always available for us. Any concerns or questions are handled immediately and in a professional way. We are contacted immediately if there is a major issue but she handles it all the calls to the insurance coming meeting the inspectors and finding a reliable company to fix the issue. We trust her completely.

I’ve never met Kendall person-to-person, but I feel like her property management decisions are always in my best interest. The bookkeeping has always been accurate and she’s definitely been a pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly.

Kendall Hanson has managed all areas of renting our properties, and does it in an excellent way.

Kendall Hanson’s Property Management Services is professional. I like it very much.

Kendall managers 4 of my properties and has for the last few years. She is an excellent property managers, communicates well and always has the owner’s best interest in mind.

Kendall is very friendly and professional, she cares for her customers and always takes care of matters in a timely manner.

Kendall Hanson Property Mgmt. has been referred to me since I was looking for a new Property Manager. It has only been a couple of months, however so far I’m very pleased. Communication has been great!!! Thank you.

We have bought 7 rental properties through Kendall and she manages all of our properties. She also prepared and negotiated at least 30 other purchase contracts for us. Kendall is efficient, fast, smart, market savvy and very responsive. We have worked with her for at least five years and we highly recommend her services. She gets things done!

Kendall Hanson is 1st class. She is/have been extremely responsive to both owner and tenants. She is tough but fair to all parties. If we buy another property in Las Vegas, Kendall will be first on our list of Property Manager.